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Huate Holding Group Corporation Ltd. is a highly professional corporation with core businesses in Road Material and Road Construction. 

Huate  was founded in 1988. Over the last 20 years, Huate’s services and products have served thousands of new road construction and road maintenance projects in the southeastern, southwestern, northern and midwestern markets of China, and also in the remote Africa. These projects include a variety of highways, national and provincial turnpikes, city main roads, airport runways, and specific roads for travel sites, industrial zones and residential areas.

To make the products and services ultimate, we have been concentrating on our core business with nearly infinite labor enthusiasm and creation passion. By now, Huate Group is one of the most significant paving bitumen providers in China and one of the core road and bridge construction corporations in Fujian Province. We have gained great advantages in industrial chain, scale/channel, creativity and brand reputation. The current Huate Group has developed from a small foreign trade company in the beginning to a specialized industrial enterprise with annual revenue of more than 5 billion RMB (around 800 million USD) and capable of making stable contribution to the society in terms of employment, tax sources and so on.

Huate is dedicated to achieve its development vision as an influential enterprise of its field and respected company by the society. “Making more people in this world enjoy the convenience , comfort and safety on road trip” is Huate’s industrial development mission.

Huate promotes its business with the ideas of “Professionalization, Industrialization, Innovation, Internationalization and Branding”, and team spirit of “Integrity, Diligence and Rigorous”.

At Huate, we have a “Four-Independence” principle, which is independence in core businesses, independence in operation goals, independence in organization structures, and independence in operation mode. According to these, all of our businesses are divided into two business units and one R&D center.

1. Bitumen Material Unit

Huate is one of the earliest professional companies, and also the most mainstream bitumen suppliers in China.

Huate bitumen has the strategic cooperation and sufficient resources by cooperated with world famous energy giants, and set up cooperative relationships with international and domestic famous brand refiners in bitumen business.

After more than 20 years of continuous construction and perfection, at present, Huate has 16 bulk bitumen depot bases, 16 modified bitumen production lines, and 9 modified emulsified and special bitumen production lines at various seaside harbors, riverside harbors and along the specialized railways in the southeastern, southwestern, northern and midwestern markets of China. Every base is configured with an advanced testing lab, each market is also disposed with a resident chief engineer selected by R&D Center whose responsibility is quality and technical management, and the R&D Center provides powerful bitumen technology research and development support at the same time. To be approached to provide considerate services, we have set up sales offices in more than 20 provinces of four markets.

In China, by now, Huate bitumen has owned:1) the most proper systems for depot, logistics, and guaranty of liquid bulk bitumen;2) the largest manufacturing and processing capabilities for modified bitumen, modified emulsified bitumen, colored bitumen, special bitumen, and various kinds of high-tech bitumen materials;3) the most superior condition of R&D testing technical support platform;4) the highest level of culture and most vital, vigorous professional team of bitumen.

Huate bitumen has begun to march internationally towards African and Australian markets in recent years.

“Made more roads more comfortable, more frugal, and more durable” is the pursuit of Huate’s Bitumen Material Unit.

2. Engineering Construction Unit

The Engineering Construction Unit of Huate Group is operated through Dacheng Engineering Construction Group Co., Ltd.(short for “DCEC”), a subsidiary corporation of Huate Group.

Dacheng is one of the core road and bridge construction corporations in Fujian Province. We have the following qualifications:

  1. National Grade I qualification in road engineering contracting;
  2. National Grade I qualification in municipal engineering contracting;
  3. Grade I qualification in specialized contracting in roadbed, road surface, bridge, tunnel, and transportation safety engineering;
  4. Specialized credentials and business qualifications for building construction, plumbing and international engineering contracting, etc.

Fujian Dajiacheng Engineering TestingCo., Ltd.a subordinate corporation of DCEC, has CMA measurement certification, Overall Grade B qualification of transportation engineering (capability for bidding), and qualification of running third-party testing.

Dacheng has invested huge capitals in various kinds of construction equipment, whose scale, performance and systematicness has come out in front in the local large construction corporations.

Depending on the support of material and construction technology by Huate R&D Center, Dacheng has created profound professional accumulations and good performances in high grade road maintenance construction.

“Combining mobile construction projects based on highway, national and provincial turnpikes with fixed construction projects based on municipal engineering, combining new projects construction with maintenance projects construction, combining domestic market with overseas market, combining pure construction with BT projects” has become unique operating characteristics of Dacheng.

DCEC has a long history of reorganized from early backbone road & bridge construction enterprise of local government. Its predecessor is Xiamen Road & Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. which established in 1993. DCEC has a long history of engineering construction, completing projects all over China, and its construction business has taken root in vast overseas market.

The long standing success and strong sense of responsibility of DCEC is based on the experience from the past and the creativity for the future, as well as our capability, qualifications, technology and conception.

“With a heart of awe and responsibility, Strong configuration, Strict management, Making boutique and brand, Long-lasting” is the development philosophy of Huate’s Engineering Construction Unit. “Seek development for enterprise, progress for local and honor for motherland” is the idea of Overseas Engineering.

3. Huate Asphalt Technology R&D Center

Huate Asphalt Technology R&D Centershort for “R&D Center”is an independent-function and non-profit institution.

Huate Asphalt Technology R&D Center has about 3000 square meters of independent detection and experiment places in Xiamen Xiang’an Torch High-tech Zone, and it is also the guide of all bitumen depot base labs of the bitumen material unit of Huate Group, Dajjiacheng Engineering Testing Corporation and all construction project department labs of Dacheng.

R&D Center has a technical team of excellent professional background and strong practical ability and fully furnished advanced experimental equipment based on the research of bitumen, pavement materials and maintenance technologies. The center also has established close communication with many domestic and international scientific research institutes and authoritative professional societies. The modernization and internationalization of Huate Asphalt Technology R&D Center labs are among the best in China.

Huate owns a numerous and experienced professional team of bitumen manufacturing and processing, road construction and road maintenance, and various types of advanced construction equipment. The market regions of production and construction are vast, and the geography, climate are diverse. These conditions provide very favorable professional platform for R&D Center to do research close to practice, and strong support for new technology, new product development , debugging, application, evaluation and improvement.

At present, the center has owned a number of technological patents, and scientific researches recognized and awarded by government agencies. Thus, it is awarded the Enterprise Technology Center of Xiamen City and Fujian Province in succession.

R&D Center provides technical support to enhance technology and innovation capacity, promotes close integration of research and production, strengthens the high-tech industries, improves self-development and competitiveness in the market for the Huate Group, and together with strong technical guarantee for qualified, safe, hygienic, healthy and environmentally superior products.

R&D Center has the following basic functions:

  • Development of new technology and new product
  • Solutions for major technical problems in production
  • Independent exercise to control the quality of all the products of Huate Group
  • Provide technical support for all units
  • Planning and implementation for technology R&D
  • Assisting the group’s improvement and management of creativity and brand

 We believe in our mission of “Creativity is the vitality of our company. Make everything known become more perfect, and let unknown turn into known as soon as possible. Be the leader of the industry and make more value for our customers than our competitors” in this unit.


  • This website will introduce Huate’s two units and R&D Center in details.

An important reason why Huate Group has grown over years is the company embraces an idea of “Small victory by policy and Great victory by virtue”. “Integrity, Reverence, Gratitude, Humility, together with “Labor, Creativity, Diligence, Preciseness”, the ordinary behavior of what the Huate team attached importance to, attains the achievements of the Huate’s reputation by customers, government and society.

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