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As a whole-chain solution provider in the road industry, keeping us at the cutting edge of technology is a key for our success. This is why our R&D Center is founded. Since 2003, our R&D Center has been growing into one of the major leading road technology research centers in China.

Our Technical Director, Ms. Yunrong Ma, is one of the most respected and professional road engineers in China. Our certified engineer team is consisted by doctors and masters in polymer chemistry and road/bridge engineering with abundant research and real-world experiences.

Our R&D Center headquarters in Xiamen City, Fujian Province of China, with a nation-leading R&D lab. Material Quality Control Labs are set in each of our bitumen bases, as well as Engineering Quality Control Labs in each of our asphalt mixing plant. These branch labs are set to test the quality of our products and services, guide the production lines to manufacture according to the R&D lab’s formula and process, and provide feedbacks to the central R&D lab in Xiamen. With this system, our R&D Center is able to provide specific technical solutions and conduct quality control to our customers everywhere. To the areas without our labs, our engineers will travel to the site and provide specific face-to-face technical services.

Our R&D Center has been awarded as a High-Tech Research Center of Xiamen City and High-Tech Company of Fujian Province with special preferential government policies.

The central R&D lab in Xiamen City has an independent 3,000m2 building. A complete set of advanced and cutting-edge instruments are equipped, including bitumen instruments, PMB instruments, emulsified bitumen instruments, asphalt instruments, SHRP/Superpave instruments, chemistry instruments and material mechanics instruments, etc.

Bitumen Material Research Center and Asphalt Pavement Material Research Center are two major subsidiaries of the R&D Center to provide advanced, cost-effective and specific solutions in bitumen and pavement to our customers. Cooperation with petrochemical giants, world-wide transportation institutes and universities, as well as hiring famous industry professionals as consultants keep us staying at the cutting-edge of technology.

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